JANUARY 15, 2014


Refresh your home style and STAY IN

Now the festive season is over, we will all inevitably be spending a little more time at home. We have come up with some low-cost, high-impact ways to refresh your home. Implement these ideas and you will want to stay in.

Declutter, organise and clean!

First and foremost, always remember less is more when it comes to home styling. Decluttering a room can open up a room, free up and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to make a big change in your home.

If you can’t bear to part with your goods, these
storage boxes from Amazon, will allow you to hide things away from plain sight in an organised manner.  

If you don’t want to paint, then rugs have the ability to lift the whole look and feel of a room.
Never underestimate the power of an area rug to alter a space. A rug with a striking pattern or colour can really lift any room. Look for a rug that draws the eye.  Also,
rugs  can help you zone and create different spaces in an open plan living space


If your rooms feel small and dark, cheat and create the illusion of space with mirrors. Hang them cleverly and your room will look bigger, brighter and a lot more stylish. Steer clear of plain mirrors and pick an
eye-catching design that will act as focal design feature.

Cushions and throws
Throws and cushions placed on a sofa give an instant update and are a great way to introduce colour and texture. Matching your cushions and throws create a flat look butmismatching colours can add an extra level of dimension to a room, just stick within the same colour family to create a cohesive look.


Create interest and break up any flat surfaces you have around the house with candles. These can also help you set the mood. They are inexpensive and suitable addition to the home decor for every season and occasion.

If you are inspired to revamp your home décor John Lewis, House of Fraser, Marks and Spencer and Amazon have a great range of products that can help you update your decor at any price.


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