FEBRUARY 16, 2014

Technology has made great strides in making our lives easier. But we are not satisfied and so have found four great products that can make it even easier to live a more streamlined life:

 Powermat – Charge all your devices at once

Most of us will have a mobile phone (or two), iPad, and a digital camera. With the ever-declining battery life of gadgets, it can be difficult finding enough power points to charge all your devices. No need to fret, the Powermat can charge them all at once, no cord and no PowerPoint required.

The Powermat has a magnetic alignment that pulls up to three different devices and charges them faster than traditional adapters. Just place them on the mat, let it charge and you’re done!


 Eye-Fi Home Card- Wirelessly Upload Your Photos

If you still have your holiday photos on yourdigital camera, finally upload them on to your computer where they belong. Eye-Fi Home card can stores your photos and lets you wirelessly upload your photos via any
Wi-Fi network.


Xbox One – Centre of your world

No longer a humble black box on which you just play games, the Xbox is now a complete entertainment hub. Alongside Blu-ray playback, you can access on-demand services like Netflix, LoveFilm and iPlayer, and use the Snap function to run apps like Skype while you play games. Multitasking has never been so easy!  


Nike+ Fuelband – Maintain your fitness while you live

The FuelBand measures the rate of activity when you’re moving during the day and sends all the data to your phone. All you have to do is pop the band on your wrist. It lasts for four days and has a USB so you can charge it up anywhere.

Simply set a goal each morning and an LED display moves from red to green as you get closes to achieving it. You can monitor how much, or little, you’re doing, and make conscious changes to drive up your ‘fuel score’.

Happy easy living!



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