FEBRUARY 24, 2014

If you were dreaming of a leaner, fitter body in 2014, don’t give up on your New Year resolutions just yet. Hope is in sight…and it doesn’t involve a gym, you can do it from the comfort of your home.

Don’t believe the hype, you don’t need fancy equipment or a personal trainer to get into shape. All you need is your own body weight, some space and time. It’s not easy to craft your own shape-up plans, but workout DVDs can bekeyto a healthy lifestyle without costing you loads.

We have searched high and low to find fitness DVD’s that really work, so you can have your beach-ready figure just in time for summer! 

The Complete Hypnotic Weight Loss Programme -  if you find working out a chore and can’t resist the temptation of sugary treats, then these self-hypnosis CD’s can help. Each CD is different, so you can choose the ones that apply to you. It uses various methods, including visualisation techniques, positive body affirmations and the hypnotic gastric-band operation, to help you learn self-control.

Vicky's 7-Day Slim  -  Appearing on a reality TV show made her famous. But it also made her overweight. Determined to loose weight, she created her own fitness DVD and has managed to drop 5 dress sizes (3st/19kg). Devised by a team of fitness experts, including 2012 Olympic Athlete, Chris Kirk, to help you get in shape.

Kim Kardashian Ultimate Butt Body Sculpt -  Whether or not you are a Kim K fan, you can’t deny her body is something to behold. If you think this just another way for Kim to make some cash and it is not a serious workout, think again! This DVD will make you break into a sweat and you will fell the burn! It provides a number of exercises that help you define those curves and get that Kim K derrière!  

Roxy’s Yoga Conditioning Total Body Workout – this DVD is complete with three 45-minute workouts so you can choose what you want to focus on. The first is a full body workout, the second focuses on strengthening the core so you can have washboard abs and the third focuses on the lower-body so you can get your butt right.

Fit Steps – this dance class workout helps you burn a massive 700 calories in just one 45-minute session. This DVD blends energetic dance moves, aimed to get your heart racing, with slower dances for postures and muscular strength. It is a full body workout designed to tone and sculpt.
The Pit Workout – this is a killer workout that is based on martial arts. This one is for the men. It offers a full-body workout, a lower-body training session and an upper-body conditioning segment. You’ll also learn knockout and professional fighting moves that you can use in your own regime or for self-defence in a real-life situations.

Whatever DVD you choose, you will be able to find them and more at
iTunes and Amazon. You will also be able to find fitness accessories and sportswear at Amazon and Sports Direct.

Time to get BODYFIT!



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