This document is a privacy statement that clarifies what information we collect on, how we collect the information, when the information is collected, what we do with the information collected both for now and in the future. Rosewood Stores will ONLY use your information to make sure that it provides you and accurate and efficient service.

A subscriber at Rosewood Stores will receive weekly / Monthly newsletters which will include special offers, sale promotions and information about the latest trends, products and lifestyle and a registered user will be able to receive all of the above and also be eligible to claim rewards earned.

If you decide you no longer want to receive our emails you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link through any of our previous email to you.

If you are under 16, you must inform a parent or guardian about ROSEWOOD STORES Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. You must also ensure that your guardian or parent read and understand the Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions before creating an account with us. Alternatively, this Privacy Policy does not apply to the stores on our website - or any other website that is linked to our website. You must also make use that you read the Privacy Policy of any other store or companies or organisations before entering any of your information


Rosewood Stores collects information from potential members during its account creation process. This operation is usually carried out on the Create an account page of the website which is located the top right corner of the page.

We also collect information about your shopping transaction; AMOUNT, and DATE that you have made a purchase from our partner store so that we can approve cash back savings where appropriate and also complete your service requests where applicable. We often carry out surveys and seek our members and visitor's opinion’s so we can enhance the website design and user interface where necessary. During this activity, we also collect your opinions and act on them where appropriate. If we intend to collect any more information of yours we will always notify you at our earliest convenience

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At Rosewood Stores we ONLY collect the information that we need to provide you efficient and accurate service. We use this information to keep track of customer's transactions from our partner stores. This enables us give the appropriate savings where necessary and to update customers with our weekly newsletter.

We also use the information that we have to issue and deliver eVouchers or gift card in boxes to the appropriate address and recipients depending on your request.

Rosewood Stores may share your information with it’s partner store that you have made a purchase and any other regulatory body if there is a legal obligation to do so.

On the other hand, Rosewood Stores often hire third party business partners to conduct internal marketing. Your information’s and opinions are use to commence a marketing activity on our behalf. We may make use of your opinions when you complete a survey about your experience with our website so we can constantly enhance our website design and user interface to meet our visitor’s needs and expectations. However, before your information’s and opinions are given, these third parties business partners will be subject to Rosewood Stores confidentiality agreements and will comply fully with the Rosewood Stores Privacy Policy. We do NOT sell your personal information to any third party marketing companies. Always ensure that you read and understand our partner stores privacy policy statements and sections before placing an order.

By using this website you accept how we and our partner stores use your information

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At Rosewood Stores we do not withhold the information's that we collect. They are can be completely accessible by their owners; they can also update this information on different occasions such as if their information has changed or the information we hold is incorrect. If you fall under this category, please visit our website - www.rosewood and Log into your account via the LOG IN page. Your Account information – Profile, Cashback savings preferences, address book and other settings of your account will become available and editable on this page. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy you are accepting the collection of your personal data. Only you and a member of Rosewood Stores support team is authorised to change and update this page referred to as "My Account"

Note that you can ONLY log into this page with your user name and password OR if you will like a Rosewood Stores support team member to change and update your information and settings, you may contact us by email: and we will be happy to update your personal details that we hold.

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A cookie is known as small amount of information given to a web browser by a web server to identify the user of a computer. When the user browses the same website in the future, the information stored in the cookie can be restored by the website to remind the user their previous activity or recommend other web pages that they might be interested in.

There are two different types of cookies namely; session cookie and persistent cookie.The session cookie is the one that the information is stored in a short-term memory of the computer and does not hold the information after the browser has been closed.The information gathered here only identifies the session and not personally identifies a use and on the other hand, a persistent cookie is the opposite because it stores the information in a long-term memory until it reaches its expiry date (Usually set for a particular amount of time) or deleted.

However, there are some harmful and malicious cookies on the World Wide Web.ROSEWOOD STORES website does not use this type of cookie and always advice customers to protect their devices at all times.

At Rosewood Stores - we use persistent cookie which has a varying amount of days depending on the partner store website that you are browsing. We make use of the "Persistent Cookie" because we want to be able to collect identifying information that will help us approve and calculate Cashback savings accurately. These expiry dates of this cookie are set by our partner stores to help us maintain accuracy of our potential members.

By using our website you are accepting that "ROSEWOOD STORES" and its "PARTNER STORES" can place any type of cookie and has the right to use them in the future. If you would like to delete any cookies that have been already placed on your device, check the “Help and Support menu on your internet browser for instructions on how to find and remove the file or directory that holds cookie information.

For more information about finding and deleting cookies, visit and note that if you do delete any of our cookies or partner store cookies you not be able to explore some certain pages and features of our website and partner stores.Most of all you will not be able to save money on every purchase you make through our website.

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Logging a complaint on our website is very easy and straight forward. Scroll down to the bottom of the website and then you will find our customer care section, click on CONTACT US and send us an email selecting the relevant subject.

Check our FAQ's page for frequently asked questions because most questions are answered on this page. If you would like to further a complaint please write to us at -

Rosewood Stores, Victor House, 81 Oxford Street London W1D 2EU.

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By visiting www.rosewoodstores you are accepting ROSEWOOD STORES Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy. You are also accepting that you will read and understand our partner Stores and any other company or organisation's Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy before placing orders or service request.

Also, you are accepting that there might be a change at any time in the privacy policy and we will by all means notify you of any changes that have been made.

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